Guerrillas: We neutralize the attacks carried out by the enemy

The resistance carried out by the guerrillas against the Turkish state continues. Turkey has been attacking the Medya Defense Areas for months. Guerrillas, Xwînda Kobanê and Amed Afrin, said that they had neutralized the attacks.

The Turkish state has mobilized all its resources to use all the technology in its attacks on Kurdistan. However, especially in recent years, the resistance of the guerrilla forces has rendered the Turkish state's technology ineffective. Every step taken by the guerrillas in the ongoing attacks on the Medya Defense Areas proves this. Guerrillas Xwînda Kobanê and Amed Afrin, who took part in the Cenga Xabur Operation, talked about the resistance.

Turkey relies on technology

Xwînda Kobanê: The Turkish state launched a nonstop attack on guerrilla areas in the spring of 2021, relying solely on technology. This situation shows how the Turkish state is struggling within itself. The Turkish state does not trust its soldiers on land, it only relies on its technological strength. This shows the stage of our struggle against the enemy and the courage we received from the Leader.

I also took part in this resistance against the occupation, and from time to time I fought on the ground against the invasion attacks. I would like to describe an action in which we neutralized one of these attacks. We were preparing for action with a group of guerrillas. At that moment, Turkish state reconnaissance planes detected our location and attacked us with helicopters, dropping bombs all over the area. When the soldiers realised they could not get any results with helicopters, they attacked with warplanes. But the reality is that we responded with guerrilla techniques and nullified the attacks. At the same time, there was an attack with artillery and mortar shells from the border posts. But despite all the attacks that night, we successfully left the area and reached our comrades.

All kinds of technologies were used against us that night. But with the tools and methods we learned from our movement and the creative power of our guerrillas, we thwarted their technologies and left safely. The technology that the invading Turkish army trusted was also destroyed. Since our childhood, we have known the dirty methods of the invaders. So, neither today nor tomorrow, no technological power can scare us. We have carried out dozens of successful actions in which we neutralized the technology of the Turkish state.

We take courage from leader Apo’s ideology

Amed Afrin: Our army headquarters launched the Cenga Xabur and Bazên Zagrosê operations against the Turkish state's invasion operation in spring 2021. I also took my place in the Cenga Xabur Campaign.

We were on a mission with a guerrilla group one night, and after a while, enemy warplanes started attacking with howitzers and airstrikes. But we defended ourselves with the philosophy of Leader Apo [Abdullah Öcalan] and the new style of the guerrillas. We thwarted every attack with our new tactics and methods.

The stronger the technology, the stronger the creativity of the guerrillas. It is undoubtedly Leader Apo's ideology that gives us this courage. Physical strength is not that important here, we acted wisely. We believed that we could survive the attacks and fought with determination. With our methods and tactics, we failed all the techniques of the time and were successful.