KDP hands over Kurdish politician to Turkey

The KDP has handed over a politician named Ömer Bartan, who spent 12 years in Turkish prisons and took refuge in Hewlêr to Turkey.

48-year-old Ömer Bartan from Bitlis was arrested by the Turkish state for political reasons and spent 12 years in prison.

According to the report of RojNews, 48-year-old Ömer Bartan sought refuge in South Kurdistan in June 2019 due to the pressure of the Turkish state. Bartan was arrested in Hewlêr on 3 July 2019, less than a month after he reached South Kurdistan.

According to the information his family gave to RojNews, nobody informed them of Bartan arrest.

On 28 January  2021, the Turkish police in Şırnak called the Bartan family and told them that Bartan was caught trying to cross the border.

Ömer Bartan, who spoke to his family over the phone from the prison in Şırnak on 22 February, talked about what happened.

According to the information provided by the family, when Ömer Bartan was arrested in Hewlêr, he was subjected to pressure and threats, and he was offered to be an agent. On 28 January, he was illegally delivered to Turkey, blindfolded and with his hands tied.

It is reported that Bartan was wanted by Turkey and was put in Şırnak prison for three different investigations.