SDF released balance of last two days of operation

The SDF have published details of last two days of Jazeera Storm Operation.

The Media Center of the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) released a press statement detailing the balance of the last two days of operation.

The full statement reads as follows:

"On the axis of Al-Bagouz Faoukani village in the east, our forces achieved an advance of three kilometers on the first day of 10 September 2018.

They clashed directly with mercenaries and inflicted losses on their ranks. Our fighters liberated ten points of mercenary points. Our forces returned on the second day and achieved  one km advance and  liberated seven others points from mercenary fortifications.

The Battles of this axis, witnessed air support of coalition aircraft for three times, where the aircraft targeted the movements of mercenaries.

In the Al-Bagouz axis and its clashes, four fighters of our forces were injured. They were taken to the hospital for medical treatment. An armored bulldozer of our forces was hit by a landmine causing Material damage.

Kasra front: Our forces began its progress from this axis, where the progress on the first and second days of six km and  ten points of the fortifications of mercenaries were liberated, and  violent clashes happened at this axis face to face, and  the alliance participated effectively carried out seven raids targeted mercenary movements.

Our field forces command confirmed the deaths of forty one mercenaries in these battles and the destruction of several vehicles including four-wheel vehicles carrying medium machine guns, as well as the destruction of artillery shells and bulldozers, as well as six fighters of our forces were martyred

 The heaviest fighting is still occurring  on this front, where the mercenaries are fighting strongly to repel the advance of our force".