New song for Zap resistance

Music group Şehîd Hozan Serhat from South Kurdistan has released the music video "Dar Berû" in solidarity with Zap resistance.

Resistance to the large-scale Turkish attack on southern Kurdistan (northern Iraq) is coming from various sectors of Kurdistan's society. The Turkish war of aggression is also reflected in the music clips of various artists. The band Şehîd Hozan Serhat from South Kurdistan has released a song titled "Dar Berû" in which the musicians call for solidarity with the guerrilla resistance. Koma Şehîd Hozan Serhat is part of the Southern Kurdish cultural center Nûger.

The band is named after the artist and freedom fighter Hozan Serhat. The well-known Kurdish musician was captured and shot by the Turkish military in northern Kurdistan in July 1999. His body was thrown from a helicopter. The whereabouts of his mortal remains have not been clarified to this day.