ISIS suspect confesses having meetings with AKP mayor

ISIS suspect Bahaa Alden Najeep confessed that they had repeated meetings with AKP mayor and former minister Fatma Şahin.

According to a report by Evrensel daily, scandalous information emerged in the police indictment against Mehmet Kadir Cabael, one of the ISIS members responsible for October 10, 2015's Ankara massacre and August 2016's Antep wedding massacre.

The police indictment which was sent to Ankara 4th Heavy Penal Court where the case on Ankara massacre is held, also consists of testimony of Bahaa Alden Najeep who was detained after the Antep massacre and sued for “membership to ISIS”.

The indictment includes a confession by Najeep who states that mayor of AKP-held Antep Municipality and former minister Fatma Şahin called him and had meetings with him in 2014 during the process of mass demonstrations in solidarity with Kobanê.

In his testimony to police on October 19, 2016, Najeep said: "She called me for a meeting on the problems of Syrians, and this continued mainly during the Kobanê demonstrations. They call me to have a meeting every two months, and I attend these meetings."

Najeep, Chairperson of the 'Association for the Training and Development of Syrian Youths' also stated that he founded the association on demand of Free Syrian Army (FSA) executives in order to transfer the aid sent from the US and other countries into Syria.

Najeep also told that he knew Abdurrahman Alnajjar, a perpetrator in Antep massacre, personally, found him a flat to stay in Turkey, and paid him 700 dollars a month as he worked for him.