HPG: Guerrilla resistance continues in Werxele

Guerrillas are confronting the invading Turkish army which has been carrying out an occupation operation in southern Kurdistan since late April.

The Press Office of the People’s Defense Forces (HPG-BIM) released a statement sharing details of the latest guerrilla actions and Turkish military attacks in guerrilla-held Medya Defense Zones in southern Kurdistan (northern Iraq).

According to the statement, the resistance of the guerrilla forces in the Werxele Resistance Area in Avashin region continues.

On October 15 morning, the Turkish army bombed the Werxele Resisance Area with explosives and heavy weapons. The Turkish troops that attempted to advance in the wake of the bombardments were intervened by the guerrilla units there. While heavy fighting ensued, the Turkish forces were unable to make an advance in the face of the guerrilla resistance.

On October 15, Turkish helicopter activity took place over the areas of Mervanos and Tabura Ereba in Avashin.

In the morning hours, Turkish jets bombed the areas of Girê Savaş, Girê Hîwa, Girê Roj as well as the villages of Bêpala, Tûtmê, Şêxan, Mawnan in the Qandil region.

At night, Turkish troops at the border posts bombed the vicinity of the Edine village near Kani Masi, in the countryside of Amadiya district.

The bombardments carried out by the invading Turkish state caused material damage to the vineyards and orchards of the local people and started fires in the targeted locations.