Guerrilla commander Hejar: Guerrillas will win this war

Devrim Hejar, one of the commanders of the Cenga Xabur Revolutionary Campaign, said that the Turkish army will not be able to overcome the guerrilla despite all its technology and that the guerrilla will win this war.

Devrim Hejar, one of the YJA Star commanders of the Cenga Xabur Revolutionary Campaign, said: "The arrival of thousands of soldiers shows the fear and last struggles of the Turkish army."

The historical resistance of HPG and YJA Star guerrillas against the invading Turkish state continues. YJA Star forces take part in this resistance struggle with great responsibility and strike the invaders.

The unbreakable will of the guerrilla

Devrim Hejar, one of the YJA Star commanders, said: “Where and when we will strike is something the enemy can never predict. We are taking the enemy by surprise with this guerrilla style. That's why they sent 5,000 people against 5 people. The guerrilla has an unbreakable will. We draw strength from the ideology of Öcalan and we reflect the power of this ideology to our war. The greatest technique is the human mind, and we are fighting using this mind.”

Commander Devrim Hejar described the helplessness of the invading forces against the great will of the guerrilla in the war: “When a person goes to war, he reveals his own essence. Since the lands of Kurdistan and the people who grew up here are rich, this will is reflected in the developing war. The enemy has always feared it and will always fear it. In intense air strikes, I see more clearly the fear of the enemy against us. We did not encounter a valiant soldier in these operations. There is not a single brave soldier who can stand against the leadership militants. That's why we are getting stronger in these operations. The enemy says it will get results in two months, but the guerrilla force determines how long this war will continue.”

Guerrilla Devrim Hejar said: “Ours is a never-ending fight. The enemy will be defeated. The leadership line will triumph over fascism. This attack will result in the victory of Xabur. The longer the operation, the more the enemy's fear is revealed. Our claim is to fight along the lines of the PKK and PAJK and to win the victory.”