Guerrilla Cudi Çekdar pays tribute to martyrs of Heftanin

YJA Star guerrilla Cudi Çekdar, spoke about her comrades who fell as martyrs in the resistance in Heftanin and said: "We will follow the footsteps of the martyrs of Cenga Heftanin and fight to the last drop of our blood to avenge our comrades."

The occupation attacks launched by the Turkish state against South Kurdistan continue. YJA Star guerrilla Cudi Çekdar, who fought the invaders in Cenga Heftanin, told about her comrades who fell as martyrs in Heftanin.

Stating that she has known thousands of heroes who wrote epics in the battle of Heftanin, Çekdar shared her memories about her fallen comrades: "As Martyr Tolhildan said, Heftanin's lands are so beautiful and precious because they saw a great price paid. Our memories are hidden in those hills. Martyr friends are in our hearts and wherever we are, wherever we go, wherever we work, our friends are always with us.”

Cudi Çekdar continued: “Heval Zelal was our front-line commander. Both the comradeship and command of Heval Zelal were very powerful and valuable. She would come to the aid of every comrade, listen and solve their problems. The great resistance in Şeşdara grew under the leadership of heval Zelal. I was getting courage, morale, motivation and strength from Heval Zelal. She was a leading commander, a vanguard comrade. Heval Zelal was very attached to martyr Cicek. The martyrdom of comrade Zelal was heavy for Heftanin. Heval Zelal was martyred, but dozens of Zelal will be born in Heftanin and the blood of heval Zelal will not remain on the ground."

Martyr Mazlum fired the last bullet against himself in order not to fall in the hands of the enemy

Emphasizing that Martyr Mazlum Cudi was a person who came to the aid of all his friends, Çekdar said: "Heval Mazlum was known for his comradeship and loyalty to friends. Heval Mazlum took his place in every action, rushed to the aid of every friend. Heval Mazlum was leading the friends, he was the Egîd of Heftanin. Heval Mazlum fired the last bullet against himself in order not to fall in the hands of the enemy.”

Guerrilla Çekdar, who stated that Ferman Amed, who also fell martyr in Heftanin, was a hardworking comrade, said: "We were comfortable with whatever action Ferman Amed took, because we knew he would succeed. And whichever action he took, he would return successfully. Ferman Amed was very clean and pure and he was a sincere comrade. His voice was very beautiful; he would sing looking into the eyes of the friends. Heval Ferman was a very valuable companion.”

Heval Esmer and Heval Ararat fought heroically

Noting that Martyr Esmer was the leader of the resistance in Şeşdara, Çekdar said: "Heval Esmer was our company commander, she was fighting against the kobra helicopters. We were amazed and admired her strength. Undoubtedly, this strength shown by women friends belongs to Leader Öcalan. Heval Ararat was from Serhad. He was in love with Serhad.

Heval Ararat's heart was as high as Mount Ararat. He was a very pure and honest companion, injured before falling martyr, and although he was wounded, he was still smiling. People understood, this person has the PKK spirit. He smiled and said, ‘The enemy's technique will not be enough to kill me.’”

Guerrilla Çekdar continued: “We stayed with Heval Berivan Koçer for a long time. Heval Berivan was fighting heroically against the enemy, not allowing it to enter our land. Heval Zeryan had been in the guerrilla for two years. Words are not enough to describe the spirit of resistance Heval Zerya shown in Dersim.

Heval Nucan is the heart of Şeşdara. She was a friend known for her work. No matter how much one talks about the martyrs of Heftanin, words are always short compare to their heroism. The Cenga Heftanin campaign is for them, and we will fight to the last drop of our blood to avenge our martyr comrades. Every bullet fired will make our anger even bigger."