#DelistPKKnow campaign garnered huge support from 30 countries

Hundreds of thousands of people from 30 countries supported the #DelistPKKnow hashtag campaign launched by the Kurdistan Digital Media Council.

The #DelistPKKnow hashtag campaign launched by the Kurdistan Digital Media Council on November 26 under the motto “PKK is the people; it cannot be banned” garnered world-wide public attention.

“The #DelistPKKnow campaign that we launched under the motto “The PKK is the people; it cannot be banned” turned into a global revolt against injustice,” the Kurdistan Digital Media Council said in a statement.

The statement of the Kurdistan Digital Media Council concerning the #DelistPKKnow campaign, which is now over, is as follows:

“Hundreds of thousands have supported our campaign which started simultaneously in more than thirty countries via digital media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

Apart from the enthusiastic and broad participation of the Kurdish people, numerous people stepped into action to lift the unlawful PKK ban and to remove the PKK from the 'terror list'.

The #DelistPKKnow campaign has once again and clearly demonstrated that the PKK is a people's movement which is embraced not only by the Kurdish people but also by all peoples of the world.

The demand to lift the PKK ban remained as the most popular agenda in digital media in Turkey, Iraq, Russia, Germany, Switzerland, Sweden, England, France, Belgium and Italy during the #DelistPKKNow campaign. This is proof that the PKK ban is unsustainable.

More than 200,000 posts by the Kurds and their friends on Twitter alone made this rightful demand the 7th most discussed trend topic in the world. The peoples of the world gave a message to all international powers, especially the Turkish state: “The PKK is the people, the people cannot be banned.”

The justice and legal struggle that we started with the #DelistPKKnow campaign against the PKK ban has also given teeth to the demonstrations and marches on streets and has brought the struggle against the PKK ban and the widest social segments together. The Kurdish people and their friends showed both in the digital media and on the street that the standing PKK ban is unacceptable.

As the Kurdistan Digital Media Council, we thank all the activists who remained active throughout November 26-27 on digital media and streets, and all our friends who supported our campaign.

The PKK is a freedom movement which is embraced by millions of people and is the most legitimate organization of the Kurdish people. This truth can no longer be ignored. We will continue our struggle to lift the PKK ban, which is unlawfully adopted by international forces, and to remove the PKK from the 'terrorist organizations list'.

The #DelistPKKnow campaign represents a search for justice for the Kurdish people and their friends against international lawlessness. We reiterate our promise that we will always keep this search alive and invite everyone to struggle under the umbrella of the Kurdistan Digital Council. As we said throughout our campaign: THE PKK IS THE PEOPLE, THE PEOPLE CANNOT BE BANNED.”