“Iraq doesn’t want Turkish troops to leave”

Political observer Kawe Nadir spoke about the Turkish state attack against Shengal and said Iraq doesn’t want to remove Turkish troops from its territory.

The Turkish state continues to attack to invade Bashure (Southern) Kurdistan and Kurdish gains. The governments of the Kurdistan region and Iraq keep their silence although the Turkish state invades more of Southern Kurdistan’s territory every day.

Political observer Kawe Nadir spoke to Rojnews about the Turkish state attacks to invade Southern Kurdistan and Shengal.

Kawe Nadir said the Iraqi Parliament could declare the presence of Turkish forces on Iraqi territory illegal with one law they would pass, which could allow international courts to pressure Turkey and force their forces out of Iraq. He pointed out that Iraq doesn’t want to remove Turkish forces from their territory, on the contrary, they are developing a partnership with Turkey.

Kawe said the Iraqi government has no faith in the Kurdish freedom movement: “What is being done to the Kurdish people are done out of desperation. If a step is taken against the Shengal attacks, that would be a step more effective than the demonstrations in Southern Kurdistan. Iraq doesn’t want to remove Turkish forces from its territory. They aid the Turkish state and form a partnership. Kurdish officials and parties have the problem that Iraqi officials have sided with Turkey.”

Kawe pointed out that Turkey, Iran and Iraq are against Kurds and added: “Turkey, Iraq and Iran have always been on the same side against the Kurdish Freedom Movement. When it comes to Kurds, the three states came together and formed an anti-Kurdish alliance.”

Kawe also spoke about the role of the Iraqi Parliament and the situation in Shengal: “The Iraqi Parliament should stand against the Turkish state attacks on the lands of Southern Kurdistan and Iraq. The Parliament should pass a resolution against the Turkish forces stating that they are not legal. This way they may be pressured in international courts to withdraw their forces.”

Kawe also spoke about Kurdish national unity: “Kurds are not united among themselves, especially about the Kurdish issue. Parties in Southern Kurdistan have been divided between two states, Turkey and Iran.”